From veterinarians, to rescue shelters, to bringing awareness to dog issues including dog behavior and health, there are so many people who make a difference for our canine companions.  These links add to the quality of our lives by reenforcing our connection to dogs.

If you have a related site, please contact us. is a rescue non profit that Heather Schmidt, the director/producer of People and Pups, started.  It saves the lives of some of the many huskies and husky mixes that end up on “death row” in Los Angeles. The deep connection Heather had to her dog Echo inspired her to save, provide training, provide medical assistance and ultimately adopt out to forever homes, dogs that might otherwise not make it.  A costly calling, this amazing charity can use whatever you can give: whether it’s a dollar, time, needed items, or a safe and nurturing home.  Visit the site and enjoy the photos of all the beautiful dogs that now have homes, and the touching photos of dogs now in a safe place awaiting adoption.